Standard Package

From $100.00 / month

This Package Offers:

  • Your own personal shopper every week out of the month.
  • The option between ONE delivery from Trader Joe’s Central Market, or Whole Foods in Houston, or up to THREE deliveries from Beaumont-area stores (local and chain) every week.
  • Same-day delivery from Beaumont stores if your list is submitted by 12pm.
  • Delivery from the Beaumont Farmer’s Market, and other local establishments*.

This package is perfect for people who are pressed for time to do their own shopping, or do not feel comfortable going to the grocery store due to health concerns. Your Grocery Buddy will text you every weekend to get your list, and plan delivery. They will be in constant contact with you to ensure your satisfaction, and to pick up anything you may have forgotten to add. They will also be available 8-5 Monday to Friday, and 8-12 Saturday to answer any questions you may have!

$100.00 a Month.

*Delivery from the Farmer’s Market is only available Thursday-Saturday, and depends on their seasonal schedule. Contact your Grocery Buddy to check availability for the week.


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